Tuition/Class Description


30 minute:
45 minute: $15/class
1 hour: $20/class

Tuition is paid per semester for summer session (June-August). Invoice will be sent at the beginning of the session and payment is due prior to the first class (6/29/2021).

Class Descriptions:

Small Scots: New dancers 5 years and younger. Dancers will learn basic positions and beginning movements. Basics skills such as balance, jumping, skipping, and coordination.

Kiltie Kids: New dancers ages 6 and up. Basic positions and movements are learned as well as Highland Fling and Sword Dance. Dancers also work on skills such as balance and jumping.

Competitive- Current dancers working on basic movements and dances such as Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Truibhas, and national dances.

Advanced Competitive-  Competitive dancers beginning to work on advanced dances such as Reel, Hornpipe, Irish Jig, Barracks Johnnie, etc.