Tuition/Class Description


15 minute: $5/class
30 minute:
45 minute: $15/class
1 hour: $20/class


Private lesson: $30/hour
$25/45 minute
$20/30 minute

Semi-private lesson: contact instructor for prices

Tuition is paid monthly. Upon registration, invoice will be sent and payment is due at the first class of each month.

Rolling enrollment at the beginning of each month. New dancers receive their first class for free and can register at the beginning of each month.

Class Description:

Tartan Tots- Dancers under 4, along with a parent (grandparent or other caregiver). Dancers are introduced to basic movements and focus on skills such as jumping, skipping, and balancing.
Recreational Beginners- New and experienced dancers who are not interested in competitions focusing on Highland Fling and Sword Dance.
Primary- New dancers all ages and experienced dancers 6 & under. Dancers learn basic movements and begin dances such as Pas De Basques, Pas De Basques and Highcuts, and Highland Fling.
Beginner/Advanced Beginner- Current dancers working on basic movements and dances such as Highland Fling, Sword Dance and Seann Truibhas.
Novice/Intermediate- Experienced dancers who are working on more advanced movements, all highland dances and national dances.
Advanced Dances- Dancers advancing to Intermediate beginning to work on advanced dances such as Hornpipe, Irish Jig, Barracks Johnnie, etc.
Adult-Any level adult dancer. While providing a great workout, this class will provide adult dancers with a chance to learn Highland dance for purposes of competition, recreation, or for fun!